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119 RSIPF officers promoted2 min read

Newly promoted Superintendent Chris Laekalia congradulated by SIPSP Deputy Team Leader, Robyn Best.

A total of 119 officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) have officially received their promotions during the Commissioner’s Weekly Parade at the Rove Police Headquarters this morning (5 December 2019).

Out of the total 119 officers, 31 are female and 88 male.

The promotions are as follows:

 45 officers from Constable to Sergeant,

29 officers promoted to Senior Sergeant,

29 officers have been promoted to Inspector,

12 officers have been promoted to Superintendent, and

4 officers promoted to Chief Superintendent. 

The promoted officers will take up their new postings effective from the date mentioned in their letters of appointment.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Mostyn Mangau says the promotions were possible after the officers have been interviewed by five different panels from the middle of this year.

“In fact the Expressions of Interest (EOI) were sent out in December last year. The promoted officers will enable the RSIPF to effectively carry out its leadership roles to new heights, at the same time motivate other officers to work hard to get promotions.”

“The promotions came about due to hard work, displaying sound leadership by officers, role models to others, sound communications skills, displaying very high management skills, having the highest integrity and shown accountability for their actions,” says Acting Commissioner Mangau

“On behalf of the RSIPF executive I wish to congratulate all the officers who have been promoted. I also wish to thank the family members of those who got promoted for their support. Last but not the least, I wish to thank the former Commissioner Matthew Varley for pushing for these promotions to happen.”

Chief Superintendent Patricia Leta (left) and Sergeant Ruby Rongoau (right)


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